Katie The Babe Mineral Mud Powder [Sterilized]

is produced with 100% natural, purified Boryeong Sea Mud. Harvested from the tidal mud flats of Boryeong City, South Korea, the renowned area hosts annual mud festivals in the summer. Boryeong Mud contains healing properties and beneficial trace elements such as germanium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and far-infrared, making the mud a wonderful source of the essential minerals for your face and entire body [including hands and feet]. This very fine [325 mesh] powder promotes optimal delivery of nutrients, which deeply penetrates the skin’s pores.

Katie The Babe Mineral Mud Powder’s

individual packaging is easy to carry, share, and use. It limits unsterile exposure every time it is opened. It can be used only when needed without contaminating the entire product. (No more double dipping!) Not only that, the packaging takes into account that every skin is different, and every face requires unique attention. To better serve all of those needs, Katie The Babe Mineral Mud Powder is perfectly measured for each customer to try and experiment with their DIY face masks to fulfill their own needs.

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